Watching Lights Come On

My coolest Math tutoring experience was a brief discussion at dinner while I was in Peace Corps in Morocco. My fellow volunteer and I met up with some students for a traditional Moroccan dinner of cous cous.

One of the students started talking math and we had a brief review on the fly of finding the differentiation of graphs using the graph and using the formula.

Math is everywhere!

My First Tutoring experience came back when I was in Elementary school. I would assist my peers in our computer class with typing and locating source codes on websites. I had put together various treasure hunts through websites with a simple worksheet.

Later on I worked at UNLV (America Reads/Counts Program) as a tutor at Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. This is where I would meet with 3-4 students for an hourly daily to help them with their math goals. One student, David, was interested in getting his best possible score on the ASVAB so that he could join the Rangers.

I was impressed by this particular student’s grit. He was an unregistered immigrant from Mexico who was working on his own at a time when kids were looking for the latest technology he simply wanted the best for himself.

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Michael Gamonal
Michael GamonalCEO / Founder
Bachelor of Sciences, UNLV 2012, Peace Corps Volunteer through 2016. Now helping spark math interest in tutoring clients of all ages.


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