Inside of your journey here you will discover how to win in both your ASVAB test and your military career. Most of your fellow recruits won’t get this major boost…

A Mindset and pathway that allows you to DOMINATE all personal, civilian, and military challenges.

There is only one way to win – You must become growth mindset oriented and master of your skills…

The alternative is you fail the ASVAB, or barely pass and just take whatever low level job they give you.
So you are in the right place if you want to WIN – This will NOT be easy but you’re not here to play small and have it easy…
You will discover how The ASVAB Domination pathway is the gateway to help you get what you want out of your ASVAB preparation and beyond…


Shift your mindset and get the tools to take on any challenge. You’ll need to know where you’re starting and where you want to be. From this we can create a plan tailor made to get you there.


Get the reps in, here you’ll put in the work it takes to get your fundamentals down. We begin by focusing on Math and English skills, we’ll combat the main sticking points students have in these core subjects.


Learn how to use those fundamentals in any context. With your fundamental work behind you, you can shift your focus to new challenges and start working on verifying consistent results.


Now you go through and take the actual test. After you dominate that exam you think to yourself “man that was easy,” and start looking for ways to apply the framework to fitness, mindset, and career in preparation for this new, more successful chapter of your life.
But remember If you fail with mission 1 in the Practice phase the rest will also Fail.
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Current Live Coaching Call Times:
Monday – Explain 12pm (PST)
Tuesday – Detail 12pm (PST)
Wednesday – Recap 12pm (PST)
Replays Will Be Posted Within 24 Hours After Each Training in my Facebook PRO group