We provide ASVAB help for your struggling recruits.

It can be so rewarding to change someone’s life by helping them get into their dream career. It’s so frustrating when an ASVAB score is the only thing standing in their way.

That’s where I can help your recruits, and help you serve them better!

Hello, recruiters.

My name is Mickey Gamonal.

I’m with Gamonal Tutors and I’ve been working with a lot of students on the Asvab so if you have any recruits, who aren’t getting the scores that they want or are afraid to take the Asvab, feel free to give them my card.

Every student that I’ve worked with has gotten a score that’s beyond what they expected.

They always get the jobs that they want and it’s always win-win because I get to help someone get better at math or reading or science or what have you.

Usually I just work with the online resources.

I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of online Asvab tests, so we’ll just go through that and work side by side.

I’ll explain the processes of how to get a better score, they’ll get the job they want, you get the recruit you want, and I get the student I want, so win, win, win.

Don’t hesitate to hit me up for ASVAB help, my number is (702) 600-6832.

Gamonal Tutors for your Asvab students. Thank you.

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