What happens if you failed the ASVAB?

Or if your ASVAB score isn’t good enough to get the job you want?

So you just failed the ASVAB.

That’s rough, but don’t be discouraged.

The most important thing that you can do now, double down and study.

The Military is going to give you plenty of opportunities to fail and what they’re really checking is not whether you pass or fail, they’re checking to see how well you bounce back.

So now’s your first chance to be an awesome citizen and an awesome future military personnel.

Focus on getting better, so go back, study, look at your score that you got and figure out what scores were low. I would suggest starting with the lowest scores first and then you can improve those really, really quickly by just taking a couple of practice tests, getting a couple ideas of how it works.

And if you still feel nervous about taking the next test, hit me up, we’ll go through a test with you, make sure that you’re ready to get a better score than you could’ve ever imagined and you’ll get the job that you want.

Because at the end of the day, you’re the one who’s signing up for six years.

Nobody else, not your recruiter, not your parents.

You’re signing a contract to work some job for six years.

Don’t get stuck doing a job that you don’t want to do just because you did poorly on a test. Go through, do the work, spend a couple extra bucks if you have to, do whatever you have to do to get the job that you want and lead that military legacy that you know that you can.

All right, hit me up if you need any help.

But in the meantime, best of luck and failing the ASVAB is not the end of the world. You’ve got plenty of military career ahead of you, so keep your head up.

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